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Best Products and Material (European Customers)

Dear Customers and Magic Hand Fan's

many of you ask us about the massage- and aroma- oil we use in our shops. Below you can simply find the links to learn more about it.

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Massage Oil

A traditional treatment lubricant. Massage oil provides the most slip and glide with very little or no friction. Wonderful for Swedish or relaxation modalities.

Treatment Oil and Gel

An alternative to oil. Unlike traditional massage oils, massage gels leave less residue on the client without sacrificing glide for the therapist. Wonderful for Swedish or relaxation modalities.

Body Lotion Cream

Client-preferred massage creams are ideal for all modalities and offer a unique combination of medium glide, friction and typically absorb completely into the skin.

Wangphrom Balm

Massage Balm Wangphrom Green, Yellow, White and Blue
Original product from Thailand

Thai Massage Balm Wangphrom green to light with a pleasant scent and herbs and yellow with a light smell of mint.White with worming and blue with cooling effect. The Balm is used in Thailand for pain relief and healing during the massage. The Balm is used for relieving muscle pain, sprains, pain in the cold, dizziness, sore muscles after unaccustomed exercise or exertion, and insect bites.

Tip for use:
For pain relief undiluted directly on skin or massage to cure a teaspoonful in hot water solution for whole-body massage. For external use only.

Wangphrom yellow and white have a light worming effect.