What is M.O.M. ?

M.O.M. stand for Magic Office Massage at the office. We massage without the hassle of undressing back, neck, head and neck portion and shoulders, arms and hands.

The benefits for the clients

  •      Mobile Massage - your therapy in the office
  •      Appointments during working hours
  •      No travel costs and travel times

Manager Information

Have we aroused your interest? We would be pleased to be able to win you and your company as a satisfied customer. To this end, we would like to introduce us and our concept of management, so that your business can benefit from our treatment concept.

  •      Relaxed, motivated and productive employees
  •      The staff book and pays the massage themself or the company contributes a part of helping
  •      No limitations or impacts during office work
  •      It requires a small space and manager permission only
  •      valuable contribution to health promotion in the workplace.

The key data of our range we have in our leaflet.


Open Questions about Magic OFFice MAssage (M.O.M.) ?